Children Mindfulness

Resources to help children navigate their emotions

2020 has been a bit of whirlwind and how children may respond to stress can vary in different ways. We want to help you understand how your child may be feeling and how to help them take control of their emotions.

You may have heard of it before but how will this help? Everyday mindfulness is a great way to help reduce stress, increase focus and reduce burnout. By doing so, it will help you focus on the now, the present moment, while gently acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.


Here are some helpful tools and resources:


Try Headspace’s Mediation For Kids

Headspace want children to be healthy and happy, not just now but for the rest of their lives. And teaching them about meditation early would help them do just that.

Dealing with uncertainty is difficult for all of us, even for Children. Explore children’s difficult emotions or uncomfortable feelings with curiosity. Try to understand an important need that isn’t being met.

Deeply listen and learn about it.


Using Headspace's P.A.I.N Tool 


Recognise – Check in with your child and ask them questions to elaborate on their feelings. This creates an open stance to process emotions.


Accept – Help them accept difficult emotions such as anger and frustration. Often kids don’t want to accept it however you can help bring acceptance by being in the moment e.g. let’s try accepting that we don’t like this feeling


Investigate – Explore how they are feeling by using colours or shapes to capture how they are feeling e.g. warmth, tight feeling in their throat. The goal of expanding and exploring investigation is by normalising their curiosity when dealing with difficult emotions.


Non-identification – Help your child remember that this emotion is only temporary.  Build space with the emotion and emphasize with your child with your own emotions. By relating to them, the intensity can reduce. You can even compare it to a wave, that it will come and go.


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School Holiday At-home Mindfulness Activities

We’ve come up with a fun way to introduce mindfulness to the kids that play-off all five senses.

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Mindfulness Art Competition

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School Holiday Mindfulness Workshops

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