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NEW Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea Gelato

Available at Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo has a tea-licious NEW flavour! Introducing Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea! 


It’s a milk tea gelato delicately infused with Assam black tea and topped with natural, chewy, brown sugar pearls. The tea for the infusion is freshly brewed across in-store using high-grade and organic Assam tea grown in India. This is then swirled with a brown sugar syrup made in Taiwan – the home and origin of bubble milk tea! And let’s not forget the bubbles, with each scoop of this flavour freshly topped with extra soft and chewy tapioca pearls.

Have it in a cup/cone with pearls served freshly on top, in a take home pack with pearls provided separately or as a shake! It’s the perfect match made in dessert heaven, to satisfy every bubble tea lover’s craving! 

Treat yourself by visiting Gelatissimo Kawana today.