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Two New Deluxe Gelato Flavours

At Gelatissimo

It’s almost been a year since Gelatissimo launched The Deluxe Range you all know and love, so how could they resist creating MORE decadence for you to choose from? It’s time to indulge your senses once again and introduce 2 new mouth-watering flavours, loaded with the ingredients that make them so…deluxe! These two new flavours will be joining much-loved existing flavours in The Deluxe RangeWicked Double Choc Brownie, Decadent Cookie Dough, Red Velvet Royale, and Choc Dipped Strawberries.

First up is Luscious Lemon Meringue. It’s a tangy lemon gelato folded with crispy pieces of crushed meringue and drizzled with a lemon meringue ripple. This take on the classic lemon meringue dessert is made complete with its flavour derived from real lemon juice squeezed from NSW-grown Eureka lemons!

Then there’s Chunky New York Cheesecake. It’s a deliciously creamy cheesecake gelato with chunks of New York Cheesecake, swirled with a rich caramel fudge and topped with a biscuit crumble. The New York Cheesecake that makes this flavour so decadent is made with Australian cream and New Zealand butter – we’re always using the finest quality ingredients!